Earn Extra Cash By Passing Out Our Business Cards

Dog breeders...whenever you sell a puppy.

Dog foster homes...whenever you re-home a dog.

Dog rescue organizations...whenever you adopt out a dog.

Veterinarian offices...whenever you see a client who is unable to or is having difficulty controlling their puppy or dog and/or specifically requests a dog training referral from you.

Vet Techs...same as above.

Doggie Daycare owners and/or staff...same as above.

Dog groomers...same as above.

The list goes on, and on, and on.

And even if you do not own a dog but would still like to earn easy extra cash, just pass out my business card at dog parks or at any of the above business locations. Or if you'd like to run ads in newspapers, etc., or if you'd like to add a set of magnetic signs or vinyl lettering to your vehicle, etc., and so on.


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