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Jim Sosler. DTDA - KC. Professionally certified animal behaviorist and Master dog trainer. Dedicated to the well being of dogs. Your pet, His passion.

For four years I apprenticed with and was educated by sixth & seventh generation master animal trainers (all animals & all methods - not just dogs) who combined had over 75 years experience. During my apprenticeship I participated in training animals for television commercials, TV shows & movies, various celebrities and several Law Enforcement organizations. I operated and managed dog training & boarding kennels having 60+ dogs under just my care at one time for months on end. I've been training dogs for the past 22 years and I am personally recommended by Veterinarians, Animal Control, Animal Shelters & Humane Societies throughout the West coast. I've written articles for various dog related publications. I just launched a nationwide animal behavior / dog training related training advice hotline. I founded and operated a local dog rescue where I only saved dogs who have been slated for euthanasia. I automatically donate 10% of my dog training income to this rescue, to my church, to St. Jude's Children Hospital and to the Help for Homeless Veterans Program, therefore allowing my training clients to legally write off 10% of their dog's training cost as a donation to these organizations. Last but not least I am a United States Marine Corps combat Veteran, where i worked on what is known as the largest Helicopter known to man, and performed final inspections of others work so as to ensure the safety of all flights. This applied attention to detail has most definitely transferred over into my dog training profession. I proudly served in both Operation Desert Shield and Operation Desert Storm, making hiring me a great opportunity to support your troops.

Dog Training is DEFINITELY one of those things where you get what you pay for. If you want the BEST bang for your buck and if you want to make the BEST use of your valuable time and if you want things done right the first time around, then you're at the right place. What I offer is so much more than just obedience commands. That said, my training isn't for everybody...i incorporate a little bit of Dr. Phil ("how's that working for ya?"), a little bit of Judge Judy ("don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining"), a little bit of Chef Ramsey, ALOT of Cesar Millan The Dog Whisperer and a whole lotta Jim. If you are open to learning a better way of doing things and if you truly want to have a completely well rounded, obedience trained dog who's been taught to respect you as it's role model and not because of dominance or fear then again, you're in the right place. Honestly, not everyone can hack it. i can most definitely train EVERY dog but sometimes training an owner can be challenging. If what's outlined above does not appeal to you, then with all due respect, please choose another trainer.

How Training Works - Proper Training Makes the Difference

Methods Used for Training: All humane and based on understanding the latest in scientific canine behaviorial research implementing the most recent POSITIVE, MOTIVATIONAL REINFORCEMENT methods, but without the use of clickers and/or treats.

Dogs are pack animals, and as such are only comfortable when their role within the pack has been established. An established role allows the dog to predict the reactions and needs of the rest of it's pack. Without a confirmed, consistent role, the dog never knows when punishment or rewards will occur, and will spend most of it's time anxious and worried.

Basic obedience helps to establish the owner in role of pack leader, and lays down clear behavior guidelines that the pack can follow. The lack of a clear pack leader will cause anxiety, since, in the eyes of a dog, only a strong and definite pack leader can protect the pack and provide it with whatever is needed. If none of the humans take this role, the dog is forced to attempt to assume it itself, since the pack must have a leader. The pack leader controls where the pack goes, when and what the pack eats and how the pack behaves toward one another. Having these clear guidelines allows the dog to relax, since it knows what behaviors earn what types of attention.

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