Problem Solving

To confidently solve ANY problem(s) that a dog may have, and most importantly to do so with any hopes of longevity, your dog would first need a basic foundation from which to build. This foundation would be Basic Obedience Training. One could compare this to building a house on sand versus building it on cement. Once a dog has OUR Basic Obedience Training under its belt, it can be taught to do anything as well as taught not to do things.

Some Of The Most Common Problems Are: Jumping, Biting, Chewing, Digging, Socializing, Boundaries, Distractions, Excessive Barking, Overly Hyper, Avoidance, Fear of Vacuum Cleaners, Lawn Mowers, Snow Blowers, etc.

Some Of The More Complex Problems Which May Require An Additional Fee Are: Dog Aggression, Human Aggression, Animal Chaser and/or Killer [cats, chickens, deer, horses, etc;] Medication Administration, Teeth Cleaning, Nail Trimming, Gun Shot De-Sensitizing, Forced Fetch, Child Proofing, Car Chaser, Excited/Submissive Urination, Fear of Fireworks, Re-train, etc;









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